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Shout out to the guy who just gave me literally a paper bag filled with condoms and lube at this place. So kind of him to think I’m having vastly more sex than what I actually am

I really think free hugs should be a thing.

I’d like this to be a thing.

hugs with pugs as a matter of fact.

dude idk wtf kinda trainwreck i just watched

but it’s fascinating.

“I’ve got a way with words,
You’ve got away with murder.”

Do you like my face?
Do you like pictures of small dogs?
Do you like pictures of Boston paired with a terrible politically incorrect quote?

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When you have friends that cross stitch- you ask them to do things for you. #momfriends

“They can sew your hands together,
But the bitches can’t make you pray.”

—   Dessa

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